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Saturday Sights: Part II | The Suburbs Design

Famous Wall Ahmedabad India

After my exploration around the pottery treasures of L & P Art School, my attention was diverted to this epic Warhol inspired wall of famous and infamous faces. I could only recognise the 12 most obvious ones.

I continued around the school. There was some more abandoned terra-cotta work. Happy to be chilling against a wall under the monsoon rains.

terracota sculpture chilling

Big black pots.

large blak pot

A dangerous looking sculpture.

strange spiky thing

And numerous white stone statues. This photo gives you a glimpse at the unique little open air studios that each of the students get to work in. Sadly no amount of open airiness is going to save them from the cruelty of India’s crippling summer heat.

stone man studio background

I passed by that creepy cat again and was headed for the exit when one last little area of pottery caught my attention. Amongst the bits and pieces/general junk there was an unloved god deity amongst raw pieces of clay.

creepy cat

A pot so bad it’s good.

wonky terracotta pot

And a poor god that has been abandoned amongst some raw pieces of red clay.

tiny god sculpture

Part III — the terrific trip home — is coming real shortly.

rubbish out back