katipo krew gang patch design for lambs film wellington

Last year we had a fun little project for our friends at 4Knight Film designing a patch for mock gang The Katipo Krew. Don”t ask me why, but I”ve always had an aspiration to design a gang patch, and then somehow, the opportunity came our way.

The patch was for Sam Kelly”s moving short film Lamb”s which was written based on research Sam did into at-risk youth in the greater Wellington region. Shot in the notorious suburb of Cannons Creek with an authentic and inspiring cast, Lambs has gone on to do pretty well for itself at International film festivals such a Clermont Ferrand, and the prestigious Berlin Film Festival.

When I went down to Wellington for the premier earlier this year I was stoked to see that they went through with embroidering the patch despite the cost of doing オンライン カジノ so. Turns out it”s just a sticker printed like embroidery. Should”ve know. Though it reminded me of my favorite scene from the Simpson ever. Here are some stills of the patch from the film:

katipo krew gang patch for lambs film

wellington film lambs katipo krew gang patch design

It”s a great film so you should check out the teaser vid on 4K”s website, or for more info have a read of Scoop”s write up of Lambs.

East-Coast represent!