a squirrel in ahmedabad india

Finally carrying on from India Part 1; Tim’s Typographic adventures in the land of color and spice.

Amul icecream ahmedabad india

Textures a plenty.¬†Here’s a series of hand painted signs I’d encounter on my daily pilgrimage to the ITF studio.

hand painted indian sign

haumor icecream ahmedabad india

Walking the streets was my favorite past-time in India. I’d always see weird and wonderful scenes but I’d rarely took the time to photograph it. Here’s one of a Lion attaching some posters on the roadside…

lion attacking street poster in ahmedabad india

Interestingly, I noticed a strong sense of Mordernism running through the local design scene.

Le Corbusier museum ahmedabad india

For example, across the road from my quant hotel was a giant bunker-like museum designed by le-carbousier (above), and just down the road from that sat a complimentary concrete construction housing the National Institute of Design, adorned by an equally modern Adrian Frutiger logo. Growing up in New Zealand, a country with heavy European influences, the closest I’d come to a piece of art or design by a Modern pioneer was in the pages of a book or the internet. So imagine my surprise when I travel to India only to become surrounded by Modernism!

concrete modern building oppose Le Corbusier museum

This bizarre modern building was also opposite Le Corbusier’s museum, I never found out who designed it, what it was called, or what it was for, but it certainly stands out from the typical Ahmedabad landscape.

medieval india ahmedabad street scene

Ahmedabad is an old and historical city at the best of times, but walking through the dark, layered and twisting paths of the old city really do make you feel like your walking through a piece of Medieval history.

playing cricket in ahmedabad india

Being from New Zealand, the first thing I did in India was play Cricket. Whenever I told someone where I was from, they’d reply with “Aaaah, Daniel Vetorri!¬†Cricket!” And I’d usually be handed the nearest cricket bat. Heres one of my cricket teams…

tims cricket team in ahmedabad india

One of my favorite things were these awesome mosaic seats all throughout the city. I never ever saw anyone using them though, it was usually too hot, wet, or mosquitoey to be worth siting on.

typographic park bench seats

I did some work over there too. Some of that will be coming soon…